 In 2014, Max recorded with Ken Stringfellow, of The Posies fame, to create his first EP “Mid-Teen

Crisis”. The music video, directed by Joaquin Baca-Asay, for

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the song “Differently” premiered shortly after.

 Over the next year, Max continued to write music,

and performed at venues including: The Rockwood,

BB Kings, Gramercy Theater, The Bowery,

Branded Saloon, The Bellhouse and Littlefields.

 In the Fall of 2015, “Average Euphonies” was

released with guest artists including Lorenza Ponce

(Bon Jovi) and classmates, Baladine Bourgeois, Zaq

Davis and Gus Carpenter.

 Over the next year, Max began developing his songs

and playing with Chris Moore, and was granted the

opportunity to play at the MakerFaire 2016.

 Throughout the years Max has been taking Music

Lab classes with Gary Langol (who taught him

upright bass and plays bass with him live).

 Max records his music throughout the year in his

room normally after midnight, using Logic Pro and


 “Idle Intuition” his third album will be distributed

through CEN/Red a Sony owned company. He is

very proud of his latest work.

 His musical prowess, singing and songwriting are

well beyond his years.