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La La Land’s city of stars is a catchy musical number that will have you singing and dancing where ever you go. Its soft piano accompaniment played by Ryan Gosling himself sets the mood of the scene perfectly. Its playful tone and hopeful lyrics will let you imagine what its like to be in love. While the song’s old Hollywood jazz feel will transport the listener back in time and will have them foot taping along to the beat. The passion of starving musicians, Mia and Sebastian, is evident in this piece. The Characters sing of their hopes and accomplishing their dreams even when they seem unreachable. Their persistence and drive to succeed shows, throughout the different reprises of this delightful tune. Though the actor’s voices themselves were a bit of a disappointment, the overall message of the song and the beautiful melody are what ultimately make the song a hit. City of Stars will make you want to follow your dreams and pursue them even when they seem impossible. With the soundtracks star studded cast and its exceptionally well written songs it’s no wonder why La La Land took home so many Oscars and has became a new favorite of film lovers everywhere.