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Marteen’s soon to be a hit song “Sriracha” is a catchy song that perfectly embodies the relevant music from 2017. The songs catchy chorus mixed with the repetitive beat make it an easy to dance to song. While the lyrics are somewhat repetitive, their funny meaning is sure to keep you singing all day long. The song is so great that it has actually become a sort of Worcester Prep anthem. It is so popular that we even played it at our homecoming and it was a definite highlight of the dance. I personally reccomend checking out the music video to allow for a better understanding of the lyrics and Marteen’s personality. His eclectic style and affinity for the nicer things in life will certainly keep you interested and involved in the story of the video. The overall show stopper of the video would have to be Marteen’s quirky, but awesome dance moves that will keep you entertained the entire video. Though the video itself may not be the most professional, it is unique and certainly resonates with this generation. Overall Marteen’s song “Sriracha” is a catchy tune that is sure to become a popular staple of 2017.