• Catchiness

Olivia Holt is the most recent Disney Channel star to attempt an entrance into the music industry with her new song “Generous”. While this is her first song that has “taken off”, it is not her first try at achieving musical fame. Her first EP “Olivia” was quite forgettable, and has been described by many as somewhat of a flop. But enough about the past, let’s take a closer look at “Generous”. The track has a blend of pop and RNB that is very reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s signature style—Olivia seems to be taking cues from other former Disney kids. In theory, “Generous” is a strong song with relative promise, but unfortunately Holt’s delivery leaves something to be desired. Throughout the video and song, she seems like she’s really trying to sell the fact that she has shed her innocent Disney past, but there just isn’t a unique, creative spark. However, like most other cookie-cutter pop songs, “Generous’s” catchy beat and repetitive lyrics, which are quite suggestive for a star fresh off of the Disney scene, grow on you, and while the storyline of the video is a bit strange (Olivia poses as a thieving hotel maid) the video itself looks very glamorous and is admittedly aesthetically pleasing. While I am not personally a big fan of “Generous”, I believe it’s a good first success for someone new to the music scene, and I believe that if Olivia tries to find her own sound instead of mimicking whatever is trendy, she will have a lot of potential.