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Saving Forever is not your average boy band. They are a band of three brothers that have an amazing and unique sound and style. It’s no wonder why their song Million Ways is a hit with their combination of amazing vocals and the fact that they play their own instruments. It’s catchy chorus mixed with a fun beat just makes you want to sing and dance every time you hear it. Also the music video is is a cool spin on your average “band performs on stage” video because it is set at this cool club where people are shown singing it as if it was a karaoke party. Also the boys unique style adds a special visual element to the video. Honestly, the reason why this band is so incredible is because they do not conform to your typical cookie cutter boy band standards. With influences like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Paramore it is no wonder why these guys have such unique sound and are overall just so talented. I can definitely recommend that you check them out because they can only get better from here.