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Grace Vanderwaal Review
Moonlight by Grace Vanderwaal is a relatively decent song. The lyrics are very relatable to all generations, despite her being so young, and portray the idea of the intense happiness that comes from being with someone you love effortlessly. The overall quality of the song is diminished slightly by the fact that the song stays at about the same tempo throughout its entirety and never really picks up, or contains any sort of beat drop or change. Moonlight leaves you waiting for that great lyric of bridge that never comes. Another unfortunate thing, is that even though it is a feel good song it isn’t fast enough to dance to which is a key aspect, at least for me, when it comes to choosing songs. The best part about Moonlight is by far Vanderwaal’s signature voice that resonates well with the lyrics and her ever so present ukulele. While the song may be a bit underdeveloped and naive lyrically, it still captures that quirky Grace Vanderwaal spirit that was showcased on America’s Got Talent and that continues to shine in every song she produces. With my many conflicting opinions in each aspect of the Moonlight, I would definitely recommend listening for yourself before excluding this from your playlists for good.