Gawvi stepped onto the music scene and through hard work and determination earned a name for himself. I was ecstatic when I learned that I would have the opportunity to participate in an interview with the producer/DJ extraordinaire.

A quiet whir sounded as I dialed into the conference, I stated my name and cordially chatted with others on the line with anticipation of the famed musician to join the call. At last he entered the call and a brief nervous silence was broken by his introduction. Right away, my nerves were eased as I listened to Gawvi’s calming voice. He thanked us for being there and we thanked him as well.

After the introductions were over, we began asking our questions.

He began by describing how his cultural roots helped to shape and guide his music career. He said that being Dominican and Salvadorian, and having grown up in both South Florida and New York, he made friends of all backgrounds. This cultural melting pot, so to say, helped him to realize his goal of creating a world wide sound while simultaneously incorporating his latin roots. In addition to his sheer love of music, his sister was one of the first people to really encourage him to build his own unique sound. Her brutal honesty was a major key in helping Gawvi develop the music he is known for now.

Before Gawvi began writing and producing his own music, he began first by producing other people’s music. I asked Gawvi how he thought it was different. After Gawvi paused for a moment, he started describing to me his opinion. He went on to say that in being a producer he is helping others with their vision, catering to their wants and whimsies. However, he said that when he works on his own music, he has the artistic freedom to develop the message of his music along with the vision. He also finds it easier to produce his own music because of how strongly he envisions things for himself in his mind. In using this question as a leaping off point, Gawvi explained, after prompted, how he is able to continue coming up with new sounds. Gawvi stated in agreement, “people have so much access to music now, it’s hard to have much innovation.” He then elaborated saying, “I do believe in creating something new from something that was already created.” He told us that he often times would listen to the radio, hear a beat, and think to himself how he would’ve done it differently. Then it is back to the studio where he further develops a beat or loop to the point where it becomes his own unique style. As far as lyrics, he says that the majority of his lyrics come from everyday life. They come from his faith, family, struggles and experiences. He also said that with his lyrics, he hopes to spread a message similar to one of his role models, DJ Khaled. He says that “I’m trying to bring a great positive message every single time I release music.” Gawvi also reiterates that “whenever people listen to [his] music, [he] hope[s] they can leave with hope.”

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When asked what advice he would give to young musicians who are just starting out, he gave a simple two word answer: “have passion.” Gawvi went further to say “when I was younger, I would literally make five beats a day. Even if they were just garbage, I still had a complete five beats a day. I was eating and breathing and sleeping music, nonstop.” Some other personal advice he said was “I surrounded myself with people I looked up to and I surrounded myself with people who wanted to do the same thing as me.” Gawvi spent some time trying to impress the fact that young musicians absolutely must have passion in order to even survive in the music industry.

Bouncing off of the range of serious questions that were being asked, I decided to ask some fun questions. When I asked what the craziest thing that has happened to him during his career was, he responded with a suspenseful tale of one time at a meet and greet an excited fan grabbed his butt and ran away. After sharing a laugh at that one, I asked one final question of paramount importance. “What is your favorite color?” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked, but the response I received was great either way. Gawvi said that he actually didn’t have a favorite color because he associated favorite colors with an obsession with the color. Satisfied with the answer, I thanked Gawvi for doing the interview and he thanked everyone else. Then came the click and silence.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to interview such an influential and down to Earth artist such as Gawvi. I learned a lot about the musician including how kind and genuine he really was. I really enjoyed interviewing Gawvi and thank him for cooperating for the interview.